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WebGL support:
Minimal version: 9 12 4 5
Enabling options: For some systems and graphic cards you have to:
1. Click with right mouse button on Chrome shortcut
2. Add --ignore-gpu-blacklist to address
3. Save changes
See video tutorial
To enable WebGL do this steps:
1. Open this link
2. In find field enter webgl
3. Change Enable WebGL value to 1
4. Restart browser
If it 's not enabled do this steps:
1. Type about:config in address bar
2. Set webgl.force-enabled true
3. Restart browser
To enable WebGL do this steps:
1. Go to Settings and select Advanced tab
2. Tick Show Develop
3. In Develop menu click Enable WebGL
Only with Google Chrome Frame.
Warning: via Google Chrome Frame WebGL works only with Windows Vista or newer.
Final score: Delightful Good Some versions have not stable WebGL support Good No WebGL support