1. Why it doesn't work?

Probably Your web browser, graphic card or operating system doesn't support WebGL technology. You can get more information at Technical requirements page and at Get WebGL page.

2. I don't see any moons!

Moons are only visible at speed lower than 40 days per second and with scale bigger than "small".

3. What's the difference between scales?

  • Small scale:
    • Sun size: ~10 times smaller then Jupiter
    • object size scale: x2500
  • Big scale:
    • Sun size: 1.1 times bigger then Jupiter
    • object size scale: x400
  • Huge scale:
    • Sun size: real
    • object size scale: x20
  • Real scale:
    • all values are in real scale

4. I can't take photos!

Probably Your browser blocks popup windows. Allow to open popup windows by and try again.

5. How do I stop planets?

Just press space. Press space again to return to previous speed. You can also change speed with slider to disable pause.

6. How far into the future can I go?

Unfortunately it depends on browser. The furthest date you can set in Google Chrome is 13 September 275760. However if you change speed, planets will still move, you just won't be able to see current date.

7. Why F11 button doesn't always work?

It's a security measure taken by your web browser. If you enable or disable fullscreen via F11 key on your keyboard, browser can block this feature for the application.

8. Why do I get shaders error?

If you get this error every time, probably Your graphic card doesn't support WebGL good enough for Planetoweb.
If you get this error only sometimes, it can mean:
  • temporary lack of RAM memory
  • unstable graphic card drivers
  • unstable web browser

I've found a bug, what should I do?

Describe your problem and contact us via contact form.